Learn Roman and Renaissance Fresco in Multi-Layer Fresco Workshop

Roman and Renaissance multi-layer fresco workshop on February 21-22-23

Join our new Roman and Renaissance fresco workshop on February 21-22-23+.

This specially developed professional workshop gives you practical insights into Roman and Renaissance methods of fresco application. Learn why renaissance artists had to change plaster compositions and practice both methods.

A 3-day, extended version of a  2-day Roman Fresco workshop at the Getty Villa and Multi Layer Fresco 2-day professional class developed for International Decorative Artisans League.

Now with the option to get an extra day (Optional Day 4) to paint another fresco!

You will learn about and practice:

  • Roman style plaster and Renaissance style plaster
  • Fresco Cartoon and learn to transfer your design onto the plaster using Roman and Renaissance methods.
  • Fresco Pigments and fresco paint preparation for Roman and Renaissance painting methods
  • You will complete 16X16 inch multi-layer fresco (2 painting layers).

Workshop dates and hours:

Friday, February 21 – 3:30PM to 7:30PM Saturday, February 22 – 10:30AM to 7:30PM Sunday, February 23 – 10:30AM – 2:30PM

Optional Day 4 – Monday, February 24 – 10:30AM – 4:30PM

Workshop location:

Fresco School 155 W Washington Blvd, G6 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tuition includes:

  • BFF DVD Video Tutorials Set (5 Volumes) – if you already own a set – call us for a coupon code.
  • Use of Tools
  • Materials

Buy Now or call (310) 591-8028 to make a payment. only 2 seats left

February 21-23+ 2014 Multi-Layer Fresco Workshop tuition
List Price
$1 200.00


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