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“Our goal is to see fresco being painted in every town” I Notes on the Medium

Fresco Sgraffito class for boys at St. Innocent Orphanage

Fresco School is bringing this exciting fresco sgraffito class to the boys at St Innocent Orphanage.

Please help us cover the cost, so the Orphanage wont have to. Please donate or spread the word (share). Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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"The House at the Minute" with sgraffito art. Old Town Square, Prague Czech Republic

“The House at the Minute” with sgraffito art. Old Town Square, Prague Czech Republic

Sgraffito (Italian: [zɡrafˈfiːto]; plural: sgraffiti; sometimes spelled scraffito) is an art technique, practiced by applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colors and then scratching so as to reveal parts of the underlying layer(s).

Sgraffito on walls has been used in Europe since classical times, it was popularized in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries and later in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe, specifically Poland and Czech. Also it can be found in African art. In combination with ornamental decoration these techniques formed an alternative to the prevailing painting of walls. The technical procedures are similar to the painting of frescoes.


Project Mexico Fresco


We have started the Project Mexico Fresco at the “Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage”.

Please Contribute – Make a Donation!

The size:

Interior Wall Surface ~ 2670 sq. ft
Exterior Wall Surface ~ 1660 sq.ft.
Altar Area Ceiling ~ 750 sq. ft. 

It is estimated – that over 1500 gallons of lime will be used.

Entire wall surface Interior and Exterior and Altar Ceiling area will be frescoed. Currently designing Outside Altar Wall (about 42 X 15 feet).

What is planned:

Onsite Fresco Workshops – all elements of creation from wall prep to painting and 
Egg tempera Icon painting workshops.

– Wall Building
– Plaster
– Concept Developing
– Cartoon 
– Variant Studies
– Orthodox Iconography
– Fresco Painting
– Egg Tempera

Ongoing apprentice opportunities and participation in all stages of works.

Online tutoring and Access to work documents and inside records progress reports and visual documentation (subscription based)

Project is open to Fresco School Members ONLY

Current Fresco Workshop and Apprenticeship Opportunities.

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Project Mexico Fresco - Sinopia for St Innocent & St. Jacob Nesvetov Fresco Project Mexico Fresco - Sinopia for St. Herman & St. Peter The Aleut Fresco
Sinopia for St Innocent & St. Jacob Nesvetov Fresco and St Herman & St. Peter The Aleut Fresco (the first two walls).



2-part Fresco Workshop at the Getty Villa June 5 and 12

fresco workshop at the Getty Villa with iLia Anossov

Join fresco master iLia Anossov for a hands-on introduction to the art of painting on fresh plaster at the Getty Villa. The two-day workshop (June 5 and 12) explores plaster preparation, cartoon-making and transfer methods, raw pigments, and painting techniques through lecture, demonstration, and studio practice. Each participant completes a buon fresco tile. Open to 14 participants. Course fee $235 (includes materials and lunch). Complimentary parking.

SPECIAL APPEARANCE: A noted Italian Fresco Conservator Elisabetta Covizzi Perfetti will be joining our workshop for a presentation and talk about fresco restoration and conservation techniques. Don’t miss!

Fresco School featured on #GETTYinspired

ilia fresco on #gettyinspiredFresco, The Eternal Medium

by Allison Ramirez
on #GettyInspired

“…iLia Anossov has been mesmerized with art ever since he was a young child. To iLia, pursuing a career in art was the only thing that made sense. Looking for something everlasting, iLia focused on becoming a fresco master, because, as he told me, “What could be more eternal than fresco?”

He started the Fresco School in Los Angeles, and later was invited to teach fresco workshops at the Getty. Three years later, these workshops are still going strong and iLia continues to be #GettyInspired…”

See full article at:


Test Drive Fresco School OnLine Apprentice Program

Fresco School and FS OnLin Apprentice LogoBe the First to Test Drive our all new Fresco School OnLine Apprentice Program!

I would like to personally welcome you to help us test the all new FS OnLine Apprentice Program (FSOA) at!

Please excuse the “Pre-Launch state of affairs”. I work tirelessly to organize 25 years of notes and photos to make it available to you there! At this time (testing phase) the Registration is NOT fully open and will close when we fill the available spots.

Currently FSOA Freshman level is open for Public testing and FSOA Student Level is by invitation only from within the system.

Your feedback will help me to prioritize the content creation and give encouragement to do it at my own expense :). Be one of the first and be active – you will be rewarded with discounts and personal perks!

Click Here to Join Now!

iLia Fresco (Anossov)

Fresco School – How it Works?

Fresco School offers personally tailored, style-independent fresco painting curriculum since 1996.

Fresco School - How it Works? iLia Fresco painting

Fresco School – How it works.

“Fresco is a rigorous discipline with little margin for error, that requires you to leave your ego at the door, roll up your sleeves and dig in for the duration. Over the years, iLia has developed a method of teaching the principles of fresco in such a way that it does not infringe on personal style. iLia’s instruction is effective in transmitting not only the technical aspects, but also the proper attitude of respect toward the medium.”

Ioana B. Iconographer.

“I attended the LA fresco workshop with iLia. Eager to learn fresco with no prior knowledge of the history or process, iLia had a tall order to fill. And what a job of filling that order he did.

Karen B. Muralist.

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” is a phrase from the “Conversation with God” books. As an oil painter of 24 years experience, I am comfortable using a layered oil painting technique that I developed over the years. My recent fresco class with Ilia and Ian took me out of my comfort zone in oils and thrust me into the uncomfortable realm of a new medium.

Ed K. Fine Artist

You met us at our Fresco Seminar or a Fresco Demo, have attended our Introduction to Fresco Workshop or simply found Fresco School searching online and want to know details on how it works?

We just published a detailed guide; Fresco School – How Fresco School Method Works?

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Private Professional Fresco Painting Retreat

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Immerse into Fresco Painting!

Pick your own date for a Private Fresco Workshop at iLia's Lake Arrowhead Studio!

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iLia Fresco (Anossov) founder and director of the Fresco School (, offers a unique one-on-one fresco painting retreat at his private studio in the beautiful alpine setting of Blue Jay Village near Lake Arrowhead, California.

Many of iLia’s students have gone on to create large scale frescoes in cathedrals, public buildings and private homes. Others have taken fresco to the next level creating contemporary work and exhibiting in galleries around the world.

4-day Private Professional Fresco Painting Retreat offers a master class with personally tailored curriculum. Class curriculum is developed based on the individual participant’s goals, professional needs, interests and/or style preferences. The retreat schedule is ongoing call (310) 591-8028 to reserve your personal dates.
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Master Class: Buon Fresco in The Chapel, January 21-24, 2016

Master Class: Buon Fresco in The Chapel with iLia Anossov (fresco)Hands-on Buon Fresco Workshop
Multi-layer Roman and Renaissance Methods
January 21-24, 2016
Our Lady of Angels Chapel, Manassas VA

When you think of buon fresco the mind travels in space to Italy, and in time to the most glorious moments of the Roman, medieval and Renaissance world. It does not take you to Manassas, a small town in Northern Virginia. But it is here that a new chapter is written in the book of this ancient and venerable art form. Continue reading

Fresco Workshop at the Getty Villa with iLia Anossov

Fresco Workshop at the Getty Villa with iLia Anossov (fresco)

Join fresco master iLia Anossov for a hands-on fresco workshop – introduction to the art of painting on fresh plaster on February 20th and February 27th, 2016 10:00AM – 4:30PM.

On the first day of the fresco workshop, explore plaster preparation and cartoon-making through lecture and demonstration.

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What is fresco painting?

The Lime Cycle and the Fresco Medium (the process)."

The Lime Cycle and the painting time chart

The key to understanding the medium of fresco is the Lime Cycle:
This illustrated guide will outline the main concept of the fresco medium, its process, historical perspective, techniques.

Slaked Lime is mixed with the inert aggregate such as, any and all – sand, crashed marble, pozzolan (tuff – volcanic ash), etc. General mixing proportion is one (lime) to two (aggregate), exact proportions may vary per style. The work must be completed during the formation of the Calcium Carbonate.

1 – The Medium of Fresco – Carbon Based Art for Carbon Based Life
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How to get started with fresco painting?

This guide will help you to get started with fresco painting in a fast and easy wayThis guide will answer the question about how to get started with fresco painting in a fast and easy way.

First step is to get organized and ready – You will be dealing with fresco plaster, drawing (cartoon), natural and lime stable synthetic pigments selection, fresco paint preparation and actual painting.

1. Designate and Set Up the “Plaster Area”:

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Fresco Painting – Past and Present at Otis College of Art and Design

Fresco Program at Otis College by iLia Anossov (fresco)This Summer Semester join iLia Anossov (fresco) for his exciting Fresco Program at Otis College of Art and Design.

Students learn traditional techniques to produce fresco paintings on panel in a contemporary context. During this studio-based course, participants create fresco panels using buon fresco techniques. Buon fresco is a method of painting, which involves the application of pigments, finely ground in water or limewater, to a freshly plastered wall or panel. Students are shown methods of transferring designs to the fresco panel.

The choice of appropriate ‘dry pigment’ and its preparation are discussed, along with other technical and artistic considerations, to develop a working knowledge of the technique. Each student completes over four (TBD) fresco study tiles and panels. In addition Mezzo and Secco fresco methods and restoration and conservation techniques are discussed during the class. In mezzo fresco water based pigment is applied over semi-cured lime plaster ground. In fresco secco water-based pigment with an addition of a binder, is applied over fully cured plaster ground.

View enrollment and further details at the Otis College of Art and Design website