Space Fresco – The Final Frontier

Space Fresco – Carbon Based Life + Carbon Based Art
It’s a Rock. But it’s Art. And it’s in Space.

August 15, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA): Fresco School and iLia Anossov, announces the next stage of the ambitious project “to have a true Fresco being painted in every town”, by literally reaching for the stars – by launching the first ever artwork, a true fresco, into outer space.

Fresco is a carbon-based medium with natural pigment bound within calcium carbonate, which is a rock, able to withstand the rigors of space and time. Carbon is the backbone of all known naturally occurring life on the planet Earth. Thus, as Anossov says …”Fresco as a carbon-based art becomes a true symbol not only of the Homo Sapience as creators, but of the life form on our Planet at large.”

While launching fresco into space is a symbol of our intelligent life on our Blue Planet, it is also a symbol of our culture at large – people regardless of race, nationality, time; a symbol of our creative spirit since the beginning of time.

Anossov explains, “I arrived from Russia for a one-man exhibition at Springfield Museum of Art in 1992. I was amazed by the fact that Fresco was considered a lost art and was not represented in the contemporary art world since Diego Rivera. There was no school, not even a source of consistent information to guide artists in their exploration of the medium. Ever since then, the dream “to see fresco being painted in every town” has consumed everything I could think of.

I realized that to achieve this goal I had to create a new school of fresco detached from the form, style, fashion and other preconceptions about the art of fresco. This school would “take fresco down” from the “ceiling” and bring it back in to the artist’s studio pure as the medium used by all humans since the beginning.”

In 1996 iLia put his exhibition career on hiatus, moved to Los Angeles and founded the Fresco School (

During over 16 years of teaching all levels of students from university professors to high school, professional and amateur artists, classic figurative painters, non-figurative artists and street graffiti writers, researching and studying the medium through his actual fresco projects and in the studio, iLia has developed a consistent system of the Buon Fresco Foundational principles which enables the student to adopt the eternal medium without compromising the integrity of his own style, vision or form.

True Fresco, known as the “Mother of All Arts”, is the most permanent art medium known to humanity with the earliest examples of cave paintings dating back over 17,000 years. Fresco paintings exist in every culture and every civilization of our planet this providing the best representation of creative powers of humans.

“Launching a fresco into space as a capsule of US as humans, expands the boundaries of art all over the Globe,” Ilia says finally, “Every artist in the world is now able to create a timeless work of art using the medium of fresco to last through millennia. Style, form, concept is no longer a boundary!”

For further information, contact Fresco School at 310-591-8028