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Space Fresco – The Final Frontier.

Space Fresco – The Final Frontier

Space Fresco – Carbon Based Life + Carbon Based Art
It’s a Rock. But it’s Art. And it’s in Space.

August 15, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA): Fresco School and iLia Anossov, announces the next stage of the ambitious project “to have a true Fresco being painted in every town”, by literally reaching for the stars – by launching the first ever artwork, a true fresco, into outer space.

Fresco is a carbon-based medium with natural pigment bound within calcium carbonate, which is a rock, able to withstand the rigors of space and time. Carbon is the backbone of all known naturally occurring life on the planet Earth. Thus, as Anossov says …”Fresco as a carbon-based art becomes a true symbol not only of the Homo Sapience as creators, but of the life form on our Planet at large.”

While launching fresco into space is a symbol of our intelligent life on our Blue Planet, it is also a symbol of our culture at large – people regardless of race, nationality, time; a symbol of our creative spirit since the beginning of time. Continue reading