Getting Ready for fresco workshop at the Getty

Fresco School Studio after major projects

Fresco School Studio after major projects

This spring and beginning of the summer have been packed with work.
I have completed the Buon Fresco Foundations DVD tutorial set – a complete stand-along tutorial on the medium of fresco painting and a prerequisite for our classes at the Fresco School.

Also my studio partner Kent Twitchell has finished two major projects:

3 Murals for the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles and Ruby Dee Mural in Cleveland, which were installed by the Fresco School.

As you can see the fresco studio got somewhat “stuffed”….
I am getting ready to begin preparations for my series of fresco workshops at the Getty and would appreciate a little volunteer help putting the studio in order. In exchange you will have a unique opportunity to get introduced to the innards of the working fresco studio in its “unpolished” state. If you have time this coming week Tuesday-Wednesday 10AM-1PM or there about, please call 310-779-5079.