iLia Fresco – Contemporary Fresco Artist


Ever since I can remember I was always mesmerized by making art, or watching it being made. Time stood still – that was tranquil and eternal. Art was the only thing that made sense after all… And what is more eternal then a fresco!?

I am a contemporary fresco painter. My work embodies large scale true (buon) fresco installations and fresco objects. My exhibition history includes museums and galleries internationally. My projects are featured on the covers of Architectural Digest USA, Italy, Germany and others. Also I have designed and produced décor for several Academy Awards (R) Governor’s Balls and other events.

I am the author of the Buon Fresco Painting Foundations Tutorials and the founder of the Fresco School (

Over the years I have painted, curated or advised on over 24,000 sq. feet  and counting of the large scale frescoes (for the reference: Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco is 6,200 sq. feet). The largest fresco that I have completed, the Malibu Fresco, is over 3,600 sq. feet.

Currently I am working on over 4900 sq. ft. fresco – Project Mexico Fresco, Space Fresco Project, fresco installations and portable frescoes. I teach and lecture on fresco painting at the Fresco School, The Getty Institute and other venues.

iLia Fresco (Anossov)